Photography by Jonathan Giftos

Since the 2016 election, we have been finding health professionals who want to step up, organize colleagues locally, and act for their patients and communities. 


Who we are

We are a group of health professionals nationwide. Recognizing our special voice in society and our ethical obligations to help our patients and communities, we have chosen to organize and act.

We are progressive, pro-health, and transcend partisanship. We are from all health professions. We include students, retirees, and current practitioners.


What do we want

We want care for our patients to be protected, improved, and expanded. We want deeper investments in public health and rigorous science. We want to stop assaults on those who are vulnerable. 


How we see this happening

Our voice is strongest when we identify as health professionals. Politicians and the public hold us in high esteem. We have frontline experience, deep expertise, and powerful, human stories. And our voice is strongest when we do it together.

But we are fragmented by degree and specialty. We are busy. We have habits of inaction and wariness to act. We don't want to just sign up for a listserv or be asked to donate. 

Our approach is to focus on meaningful, local, collective action. We want to take back health from those who harm it pursuing self-interest or ideology. We are building opportunities for progressive health professionals to engage in political organizing and action to promote what is best for our country's health. 

This means we need health professionals to step up locally to organize. We're working to find these leaders, provide them with training and tools, and to connect them with peers, partners, and opportunities for action.

And don't worry if you've never done this before. Many of our most successful organizers are brand new to this.